What is Clattr?

What is clattr?

Clattr is an online community for Christians. Some might call it a social network, discovery network or just a place to hangout.

Clattr is where you can stay up on what’s happening in the world, share your favorite stuff, make news friends, post selfies or whatever you want to do with. It’s yours to enjoy!

Clattr is a place for Christian chatter of all types from uplifting stories, favorites books and movies or even a photo of a new recipe you perfected. We welcome you all to join and make Clattr everything YOU want it to be. This is for you.

What Can I Do on Clattr?

Clattr is about sharing which means you’ll find all the same features you’ve come to love at other social networks and online communities right here and then some.

Below is just a sample of the features currently available:

  • Create Boards/Blogs and Share Your Passions
  • Pin/Post/Upload/Submit Articles, Images & Videos from Anywhere
  • Comment, Follow Others & Make Friends
  • Like Posts, Reblog/Repin & Share with Ease
  • Compatible with PCs, Tablets & Smartphones (No App Needed)
  • And the List Goes on!

Like with all things, the best way to find out how sweet it is around here is to jump right in, create your free account then go out there and make some Clattr!boardboardboard