Potty Training a New Puppy


Getting a new puppy is one heck of an exciting time but don’t forget about potty training a new puppy, which unfortunately isn’t so exciting but not having to clean up after him or her certainly is!

When making the decision to adopt or purchase a puppy, there is more to ponder than just the toys, bed, and cuteness factor.  As with any living thing, your dog will need a place to potty, and potty often!  An 8 week old puppy will do his business about every 45 minutes and up to 20 minutes after eating or drinking!  How will you keep that mess off your floor and furniture? Basic positive training and prevention, of course!

Get Your Puppy on the Path to Success

Set your puppy up for success by already having items you need to train him. You will need to find an appropriate sized crate with a soft bed and blanket for him to lay on.  Having an appropriately sized play pen for indoor use is also greatly beneficial. Your puppy will spend a lot of time in his crate if you don’t have a play pen!

You can place the crate inside the pen as well to help him become very secure and happy in the crate. He will see it as his sleepy place while the rest of the pen will be used for a litter box or puppy pads, a food and water dish, blankets and toys!  This is where your pup will spend his time when he can’t be with you!

If you do not want your puppy to potty on pads or in a litter box, be prepared to take him outside every 45 minutes throughout the day and once or twice during the night!  If you do not offer food or water after 7 pm he will be less likely to have to potty while you sleep, but you can bet he will need to first thing when he wakes up!

When your puppy first comes home, he should be shown his potty spot before anything else. Whether this is in your back yard or a litter box, praise him in a happy, cheery tone the second he is done doing his business! If he doesn’t have to go, that’s fine too!

Just let him explore his play pen a little bit and keep a close eye on him. If he sniffs in circles on the floor or begins to take the position to potty, pick him up immediately to interrupt the behavior, put him in his potty place, and praise him when he’s finished!

Potty Training a New Puppy Doesn’t Involve Punishment

If your puppy ever potties in the wrong place, don’t punish him for it! If you catch him in the act, you can interrupt him with a loud clapping or stomping sound so that you can move him to the right place for him to go.

When he finishes in the right spot, lots of praise and a play session is in order!  Clean up the mess as best as possible with an enzymatic cleaner to prevent him from going there again and forget about it!  Punishing your puppy for doing what he feels is natural will only harm your bond you are trying to build with him. He needs to be able to trust you with your direction so he can learn what he should do instead of worrying about punishment!

Remember that the beginning of your relationship with your newest furry friend is most crucial in developing a trusting relationship.  Don’t give him reason to question your love for him and he will follow you anywhere, even to his correct potty place!

Lastly before you run out and purchase your new pal, please consider visiting your local animal shelter to adopt a puppy that would love to have a home just like yours.