NBC and BuzzFeed Now Peddle Fake News Too

Can you believe it? BuzzFeed and NBC News now peddle in fake news. The proof you might ask? Publishing unverified, admittedly error filled reports of fake information about President Trump.

Here’s what NBC News said about the BuzzFeed dossier:

A dossier published by BuzzFeed includes claims that the Russian government has been cultivating, supporting and assisting the Trump for five years — even obtaining compromising information in an effort to blackmail him. The document has not been authenticated by BuzzFeed or NBC News and contains obvious errors.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov rejected all of these allegations out of hand.

“The Kremlin does not have compromising information about Trump,” he said, according to Russian state-run news agency TASS. “It’s a total hoax, absolute fabrication and utter nonsense. The Kremlin does not collect compromising information.”

So while the liberal elites cry about fake news, they peddle it themselves. Is it any wonder why the world is sick of them and wants them all overthrown?