CT Mom Humiliates Herself When Making Return at Babies “R” Us

According to news outlets, a CT woman was forced to humiliate herself at Babies “R” Us, after having a miscarriage.

First of all that’s a lie. This ultra sensitive crap has gotten out of control now. Yes it’s sad that she had a miscarriage but she was not humiliated by the store nor was she treated unlike any other customer.

She went into the store to return items without a receipt — make note of the, without a receipt part. Now the clerks at the store are told to obviously ask for one and ask the customer why they are returning the item, if there was a problem with the purchase etc…

The store clerks aren’t psychic, so they do their job and then Jessica Huchko, the “humiliated woman” says she doesn’t have one and that she had a miscarriage — TMI. No one needed to know any of that information but she said it anyway and then started crying with a bunch of other shoppers in line behind her.

So in other words she humiliated herself and then took to Facebook like a bad ass to blast the company for no reason except for her own selfishness.

I’m not trying to knock the lady about her miscarriage, and I totally understand that she’s upset but there’s no need to be out creating your own chaos, drama and humiliation, just so you can attack a company that did nothing wrong.

Now someone please take this woman home so she can heal and stop giving the media fake stories that they can over exaggerate. Thanks.