Unemployment Decreases Again This Fall


Has anyone else noticed that every fall the unemployment rate decreases? We must be making progress in the economy! Well not so fast because with a little bit of common sense one can piece together why unemployment rates always tend to drop as soon as fall weather hits.

Every time I hear the news outlets announcing a huge surge in jobs and gigantic decreases in unemployment during October, November and December, I want to punt kick my television across the room, break out my raw papers and start rolling one up (wait did I just type that?). Well my reason for this is simple; it’s false!

That’s right people — it’s false, it’s fake, it’s a shit announcement that means absolutely nothing in terms of true economic growth! Why you might ask? It’s because when fall begins something else also begins… it’s called the Holiday Season! You know that fun time of year where we get to hear Jingle Bells playing everywhere we go even though it’s still frigging October.

Something Crazy Happens to Unemployment in the Fall

Lets do a quick breakdown of what craziness happens to unemployment in the fall. So it works like this: fall comes then the holiday season comes and then guess what else comes along with it? Jobs! Can you frigging believe that? Jobs come into existence during the holiday season! That’s amazing! Well kinda but not really.

You see people love to drone on about economic gains and the job market finally having a turnaround when in reality it’s just the same old part-time jobs that pop up for 12 weeks, pay minimum wage and then disappear just as fast as they arrive. For me that’s what I call quick-cash jobs; not real jobs.

Someone needs some extra holiday money or they’ve been unemployed for so damn long they will even compete with stay-at-home moms and teenagers for jobs because there is hardly anything else. They know these jobs are crap but they do what they need to survive.

So are these holiday jobs a good thing? Of course they are but they are nothing to brag about. Whether the economy is in the shit tank or it’s partying like it’s 1999, those seasonal holiday jobs will always be there. How else do you handle the onslaught of cranky ass holiday shoppers?

While seasonal or part-time crap jobs are cool to have they are certainly not something to do cartwheels about nor are they any sort of sign of economic progress or improvement in the jobs market. Don’t be fooled people. Major media outlets don’t have your best interests at heart. They have the interests of their advertisers and the people in power that can help them survive as the dying breed that they are.