Star Wars Kid is a Classic

Star Wars Kid! This is by far one of the most popular viral videos to ever hit the internet. For those who have seen it before (we’d be surprised if someone hasn’t) this video is already 11 years old. No that’s not a typo either.


The video features, Ghyslain Raza, who was at the time a student in Quebec, Canada. In the clip he swings the piss out of a golf club to imitate a light saber, that’s right just like on Star Wars!

How could this happen? Who would upload this?

Fortunately or unfortunately, Raza had videotaped this at his school’s facilities over an old tape of a basketball game but he made one major mistake; he forgot the tape there. Later one of his schoolmates found it and began to pass it around his crew only to end up with it digitized by one of them and later uploaded to the wonderful internet.


Before Raza knew it he was becoming an internet sensation. The video became viral and since 2002 has now amassed over 28 million views on YouTube and over a total estimated 900 million views collectively according to The Viral Video Factory.


Apparently the star of the Star Wars Kid video wasn’t very pleased with it and his family sued the responsible parties the following year, which was settled out of court. Regardless the video continues to rack up the views and make people laugh.