Sarah Silverman Has Meltdown at DNC: “To the ‘Bernie or Bust’ people — you’re being ridiculous”

Sarah Silverman has a meltdown on stage at the DNC after not being able to mentally deal with Bernie Sanders’ supporters in the crowd. 

Like a child that doesn’t get their way, she couldn’t stay composed and felt the need to blurt out; “To the ‘Bernie or Bust’ people — you’re being ridiculous”, while clearly fighting to not come unhinged.

Apparently millions of people that support someone other than who she deems appropriate are ridiculous and shouldn’t voice their opinions.

Maybe she should think about how brainwashed she is and that maybe it’s time she questions why she would support a bank owned candidate like Hillary Clinton, that wants to sit at the desk her husband cheated on her and got oral behind as well as many other party favorites.

What a weirdo.