Milo Made Terry Moran Look Like He Wears Panties on Nightline

In case you missed it, Terry Moran from ABC did a story about Milo Yiannopoulos on Nightline and his online trolling antics. As we all know the old grand papa media networks like ABC hate not being able to control free speech and it showed like a mofo on the segment.

Not only did Milo make Terry Moran lose his shit but the guy was seconds away from pure TV meltdown mode. Just like a tiny baby Terry Moran resorted to name calling when he couldn’t get Milo to slip up, fumble or apologize for any of the funny comments he has made online.

Terry Moran Switches to Feminine Form

Luckily for Terry Moran, his name can work for a male or female because after Milo handed his ass back to him, he’ll most likely be wearing panties from now.

Seriously though, read more about over on Breitbart or go check out the videos on YouTube and just laugh at how much of a lil’ beeyatch Moran truly is.