It’s Go Time for GoDaddy and Van Damme

That it is. GoDaddy has changed things up a bit with their newest commercial.

A company known for their sexy advertisements and female racing stars has taken a turn into ass kicking land with Jean-Claude Van Damme.

If you don’t know who he is, I hate you, but if you do then you know I’m talking about the smooth talking, saucy dancing, roundhouse kicking, full split king from Bloodsport.

In the commercial titled The Baker, it kicks things off (pun intended) with a baker getting his day started when his GoDaddy account notifies him of 25 new orders and that’s when things start heating up.

Rocking his 80’s swag, Jean-Claude Van Damme magically appears in his signature nut busting full split, jamming out on some bongos. This sets the tone for hustling and the baker knows it’s time to get down to business.

If he even thinks about slacking, he soon finds out it’s not an option because Van Damme is right there to keep him motivated with his Maracas with a full split and then in the refrigerator with another full split. We all know Jean-Claude loves him some splits.

As the baker is ready to take on his first customer, The Split King is somehow hanging upside down, startles the baker and lets him know, “It’s go time!

What do you think of their newest commercial? Is it a winner or should they back-kick Van Damme out of there and bring back the sexy models?