I Pet Goat II by Heliophant

As I mentioned in a previous post the video I Pet Goat II, is one that all truth seekers must see.  Actually you must see it many times in order to see everything there is in the video.  I Pet goat II is loaded with esoteric symbols and hidden messages.

A little about the video; “I, Pet Goat II” is a computer animated video produced by Canadian animation studio, Heliofant and is loaded with hidden messages and esoteric symbolism.

The movie is stunning to watch and contains no dialog, but many stunning visuals.  Many of them dealing with spirituality, world politics, and occult practices. Most who have seen it either find it very beautiful and enlightening, or very weird and frightening, you be the judge.

Now other sites have attempted to decode this video and some have done a nice job, but I want you to watch with an open mind as usual and seek answers on your own.

I will forewarn you that it contains very strong images, and can be very puzzling to the viewer, but that is what makes I Pet Goat II such a great video.  Enjoy!