Different Types of Champagne Explained

Champagne is an all around crowd pleaser when it comes to drinks on any occasion and half the fun is being the person who brings the champagne.

But no one wants to be the person who brings the bottle of champagne everyone has to pretend they like; so you should know what to buy before you take the plunge.

To make it simple purchase a bottle of champagne that is at least $15.00 and up. Secondly pick your champagne according to this list which dictates the flavor of the champagne. 

  • Ultra Brut/Extra Brut/Brut Zero/Brut Nature/Brut Sauvage: Super Dry Tasting
  • Brut: Still Damn Dry Tasting
  • Extra Dry/Extra Sec: Slightly Sweeter Tasting but Dry Just the Same
  • Dry/Sec:Sweet
  • Demi-Sec: Just Sweet Enough
  • Doux: Sweeeet