Careless Mom Saves Choking 1 Year Old, Exploits Moment to Get on TV

A careless mom named Jennifer Hull from Prosper, TX apparently saved her 1 year old from choking on a veggie tortilla chip. After the save what did she do? Exploited the moment to get on television of course!

What’s stupid about this mom and the moment? Read below:

  1. Why would anyone give a 1 year old full size tortilla chips or any chip without breaking it into small pieces? Nobody.
  2. Who leaves a camera running while they are home especially a nanny cam? Nobody.
  3. What person that isn’t vain and/or ignorant, would run to media outlets and post the video online if this happened? Nobody.

This is just another example of the growing epidemic of POS parents that hope they will get famous by exploiting their children or in the least, get some money or free stuff from whatever company they publicly shame and basically blackmail.

Supposedly she wants to spread awareness. “Spreading Awareness” is the new catchphrase people use when they are doing something ignorant and selfish but want to buffer their own B.S..

Here’s some advice: Get over yourself and watch your damn kids.