Bill Maher Dislikes Trump Because He’s Arrogant Too

Bill Maher is one of those guys that makes sense on occasion but when it comes to Trump he clearly dislikes him for his own self-absorbed reasons.

Plain and simple: He’s just as arrogant and self-righteous as Trump himself so therefore he dislikes him. Any psychologist would most likely agree with that as well.

Atheist Maher had this to say in an interview with ATTN:

“Donald Trump is his own god, let’s be real about that,” Maher said. “His god is him. I mean, you can’t really be a person of faith if you think you’re the most important person in the universe. So I don’t think he gives it any thought — I don’t think he gives abstract things thoughts like that.”

Similarly Bill Maher is an atheist which in a round about way means that he thinks he is his own god because he doesn’t accept that one exists. Also it has been shown time and time again that most Atheists are egotistical, arrogant beyond belief and have an elitist mindset.

In essence they become atheist because they believe it shows they are smarter than believers and gives them another reason to bash people, look down upon others and puff themselves up.

One of the only good things Maher has ever said is that he supports marijuana legalization so I thank him for that.

Update: Another good point by Maher are his views on the Islamic “faith”.