Alec Baldwin Revives Career by Sucking Ds, Kissing Ass and Bashing Trump

Alec Baldwin, the clearly homophobic psychopath with anger management issues has figured out the formula to reviving his career!

All it took was sucking as many dicks and kissing as many asses at NBC as possible and of course agreeing to bash Donald Trump.

No one wanted to see Baldwin’s face again after he went on his gay bashing and reporter punching binge but leave it to NBC to let another ego driven, pathological liar hit the airwaves. After all they did employ Nancy Snyderman and Brian Williams.

Why would they do that? It’s simple. They are so ideologically driven and paid for by liberal titans that they can look past someone with a hardcore hatred for homosexuals, so long as he does their bidding or in other words, as long as he bashes Trump. With that emmy winning combination of his, they can forget that the fake strongman likes to threaten and bully people, especially homosexuals.

Baldwin is an Honorary Knob Gobbler!

So congratulations to Alec Baldwin you’ve officially become an honorary bottom boy because it’s quite obvious that you also enjoy kissing some ass and sucking some D when the time is right. Thanks for your turn around, it’s quite remarkable.

For a trip down memory lane feel free to visit the following sites to check out some of his lovely anti-gay tirades he has been on as well as some physical assaults as well. As they say, the people who are the most homophobic are typically the biggest closet cases.

Alec Baldwin’s History of Homophobia and Bullying

  1. Baldwin calling a reporter a cock sucking f-ggot.
  2. Alec Baldwin calls reporter a toxic queen and says he’d love to sodomize him by force.
  3. Photo proof of Baldwin physically attacking a reporter/photographer.
  4. Baldwin calls a horse drawn carriage driver a f-ggot.
  5. Alec Baldwin makes homophobic comments about a senator.

There are a few examples for everyone to enjoy but remember if you’re aching for homophobia, just type ‘Alec Baldwin’ into any search engine. He has been bashing gay people since at least the 90s, so you’ll find plenty to check out.